Holt Ventures is more than just a capital partner. We carefully select startup businesses, bring them into our daily operations and provide real world mentorship and guidance to accelerate growth and commercialize ideas as quickly as possible.

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The Holt family has a long legacy of innovation in the industrial business space, dating back to the early 1900’s when Benjamin Holt invented the track-type tractor, which was later named the Caterpillar. Today, the Holt family works alongside Caterpillar Inc. to deliver market-leading solutions through their heavy equipment dealership, HOLT CAT®, which is the largest Cat® tractor and engine dealer in the United States. Holt Ventures will strive to continue the legacy of innovation by investing in technologies and bright minds that are focused on solving challenges in our business.


Holt Ventures is built upon the Values Based Leadership culture that supports HOLT CAT and has been adopted by many other organizations, including the five time NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs. The Holt family credits their long-term success to this leadership model, which focuses on managing by values and creating a culture of success built upon ethical, innovative and industry-leading business practices.



We have learned that one of the most important success factors in a startup is transparency and open, regular communication. Research proves that the entrepreneurs who embrace transparency and manage effective investor relationships tend to execute better as startups. For this reason, we recommend startups of all stages engage and learn about Angelspan All applicants from our website will receive a discounted, 3-month subscription.

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